2022 Jury of the Défi 48h

Hervé Kempf - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Hervé Kempf

Writer and journalist

the very short bio Journalist and writer, Hervé is the founder and editor-in-chief of the independent media Reporterre, the daily newspaper of ecology. Created in 2007 on a unique model, Repoterre is a free media, without advertising, financed only by the donations of its readers.

Hervé is a regular guest on TV programs on environmental issues and has written many books on the subject. He is also the author of the book L'Oligarchie ça suffit, vive la démocratie in 2011. His deep ecological commitment and his great mastery of the subject make him an ideal sponsor for the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement.

Guillaume Lorin - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Guillaume Lorin


The Very Short bio After studying animation at La Poudrière, an animation film school, Guillaume worked on various short and feature films before directing Vanille. This short film revisits the myths of his native Guadeloupe through the character of a child. Produced by Folimage et Nadasdy Studio, it has distinguished itself in many contests and has received several awards.

He will bring his expertise and experience to the candidates of the animation competition.

Marianne Chazelas - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Marianne Chazelas


THe Very Shor bio After working in the audiovisual industry for 4 years, Marianne discovered stop motion animation on the set of the feature film Max & Co by Samuel and Frédéric Guillaume. This is where her passion was born. Whe then took part as first assistant director in the feature film Panique au village and in several short films in Belgium and Switzerland.

After assisting Claude Barras for two years on Ma Vie de Courgette, Marianne decided to devote herself to executive producing by founding 12//24 Films in 2019. 

Camille Chaudron - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Camille Chaudron

Director and activist

The Very Short bio Winner of the 2nd edition of the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement with her film Collapsolove, Camille is above all an activist. She started her career in marketing before giving up her job to get in line with her values. She shares her tips, energy and creativity on a daily basis on her Instagram account Girl Go Green.

Between ecology and filmmaking, Camille will bring a relevant opinion on environmental issues. 

David Cormand - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

David Cormand

Greens / EFA MEP

the very short bio Former National Secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens, David Caormand was elected MEP in 2019. In the European Parliament, he co-chairs the Europe Ecology delegation. He is a member if the Internal Market and Consumer Project (IMCO), Budgets (BUDG), Petitions (PETI), Culture and Education (CULT) and Artificial Intelligence (AIDA).

He advocates a federal Europe, truly in charge of its budget, and which puts an end to the destrictive consumer society for humans, the climate and the biodiversity. 

Éva Navaux - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Éva Navaux


the very short bio Eva is the co-author, along with Lola Penicaud and Rémy Schaepman, of the film Autour d’une grenadine which has received the Special mention for an Ecological Europe of the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement last year. This timer, she is pleased to take on the role of Jury.

With her experience as a director and her training as a 3D animator, she is the perfect jury member for this edition with the opening of the animation competition.

Lucrèce Andreae - Membre du jury du défi 48h Très Court

Lucrèce Andreae


the very short bio Lucrèce, director of the animated film PéPé le Morse, winner of the César for best animated short in 2018, trained at the Gobelins school and then at La Poudrière. Animator, scriptwriter but also cartoonist recognized thanks to Flipette et Vénère, Lucrèce has a great experience of success and a triple hat that gives her a singular look.