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19 Anonymous Catherine Toque Cinema Please send info. I would like to explore if our community cinema in Portsmouth (RU) could take part next year.
18 Anonymous Papa Farba Faye Festival Je voudrais organiser ce festival à Dakar pour les jeunes.
7 Anonymous Ladislav Biznár Other Hello, we are a non profit organisation in Bratislava. We would like to know more about possibility to organize your festival Tres Court in Bratislava. Send us more information.


Best Regards,

Laco Biznár
1 Anonymous MANSOORA ALJAMRI Cinema Hi,
I am sending this email on behalf of Bahrain Cinema Club, to inquire about hosting the festival in Bahrain, at the cinema club precisely, is it possible for the cinema club to be a host, how shall we do that request and is there any cost for this.