Défi 48h Très Court Environnement 2022

After 3 years of existence, a total of 310 participating teams and as many new stories that testify to the climate emergency,  the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement returns for its fourth edition.  This year again, we invite filmmakers, novices or experienced, to take up the issues of our century and create a unique and committed Très Court.

You have (almost) a free hand to imagine the future oh humanity. That makes one dream, doesn't it ? 

The challenge?

In only 48 hours, you and your team will write, shoot and edit a less than 4 minutes short film . But not only that, in the race against the clock, four constraints are imposed on the teams: a theme to respect as well as an object, a character and a sentence to place.

This year constraints will be announced simultaneously on all our social networks on June 3rd at 7pm (Paris time). In the meanwhile, you can take a look at last year edition and discover the 19 finalist short films.

What's new this year?

For this 4th edition, wa are launching the Défi 48h Animation Selection to encourage audiovisual creation in all its forms: drawing, 3D or even stop motion! This competition is to students, young professionals or renowned animators form all over the world. But watch out, the competing teams will have the same constraints as those in live action, with one exception: the sentence cand be written without being spoken. The best animated films will also compete in the Très Court selection.

This year edition is sponsored by Hervé Kempf, chief editor and founder of the media Reporterre and Guillaume Lorin, scriptwriter and director of animated films. Find all the details about the members of the Jury of the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement 2022.

To participate, nothing could be easier! There are no age or experience restrictions. For minors, a parental authorization must be signed by a legal representative. 

You have until May 31 to register and pay the registration fee (per team, not per participant) : 

  • 50€: regular price
  • 40€: reduced price (students, unemployed...)
  • 30€: price reserved for students in animation school

What's in it for you?

An unforgettable experience: two unique days of creation, adrenaline, and the opportunity to showcase your commitments. But the Défi 48h Très Court Envrionnement is also full of prizes:


  • The Grand Prix CNC Talent : a 3,000€ writing residency grant
  • The Grand Prix TVPaint : a TVPaint Pro licence worth €1,250
  • The Special Mention for an Ecologist Europe, a prize of 1,000€ granted by the Europe Ecologie Delegation (Greens/EFA Group)
  • The City of Tours Prize endowed with 500€.
  • The Imago TV award : promotion of the winning film on the platform and personalized support in the network 
  • The Kaptain Music Prize : a one-year personalized support in the musical research, the declaration of music, the contact with composers...
  • CNC Talent Fund eligibility for finalists of the Défi 48h Très Court Selection

What are the major deadlines?

  • Registration period: from April 1rst to May 31th, 2022
  • Lauching evening: Friday June 3rd, 2022, at 7pm (Paris time)
  • Défi 48h Très Court Environnement : from Friday June 3rd, 7pm to Sunday June 5th, 7pm (Paris time)
  • Premiere and Awards Ceremony of the Défi 48h Très Court  : Saturday, June 11th, 2022 at the Studio cinema in Tours (37)
  • Premier and Award Ceremony of the Défi 48h Animation : Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 at the Lux cinema in Valence (26)

What about now?

Register your team and discouver our members of the Jury in video portraits combining cinema & ecology on our social networks!

Consult the Rules