A citizen challenge

It's true, there are many challenges that invite you to make a film with time and/or theme constraints. Among them, the Kino born in Montreal whose motto is "do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now" or the 48 Hour Film Project born in Washington and present everywhere in the world. What was missing was the Très Court challenge!

We have therefore created, in 2019, our Défi 48h Très Court Environnement with the aim of encouraging young filmmakers to express themselves on the climate and ecological emergency. A hundred teams, registered in advance, have two days to script, shoot, edit and deliver a film of less than four minutes. To spice things up, the candidates must respect four constraints: an imposed theme, an object to place, a sentence to pronounce and a character to embody.  

This Challenge is organized the first weekend of the Très Court International Film Festival. The precise theme and the imposed constraints are revealed on Friday at 7pm, and the films must be submitted on Sunday before 7pm.

On Sunday evening, the Très Court team views the films received and finalizes on Monday the selection of the twenty best ones. These films become eligible for the CNC Talent fund. On Thursday, the Jury meets to deliberate and award the different prizes.

Finally, the selection is shown in theaters during the Awards Ceremony that closes the festival. The 20 films are then available on our website.

> Watch the films of the 2022 edition

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> Discover the 2022 Jury

Because climate issues have become paramount and we also need fiction to invent new stories, this great moment brings together the world of cinema and the world committed to ecological issues. The meeting between these two worlds offers the public the possibility of apprehending these stakes through the eyes of young filmmakers, an eye often full of humor and finesse. This escape opens up avenues of reflection on our own behaviors and our own commitments.

The Défi 48h Très Court Environnement is not only a creative, joyful and festive event, it is also a place where culture and society can exchange points of view, a moment of pure politics where the worlds in which we wish to live are drawn.