My movie is 4min12 long, can I still submit it or shall I cut it somewhere?

Send it as it is, and let us decide whether those 12 secs are worth it or not.
However, note that as you may be thinking of a new movie, it might be interesting in the creative process to include time limits, which are very challenging.
Some movies that we choose do not last longer than two minutes and are definitely brilliant.

Can I submit several films ?

Of course, but make sure you fill in one registration form per each film you submit.
If it is different episodes of the same series, you can then complete a single form, specifying the number of episodes you are submitting.

Can I submit a film that I directed fifty three years ago ?

Yes you can, we do not set any limits about production dates.
However, if your film was shot more than three years ago and has been shown in many festivals, needless to say that new movies might be considered first.

Would you be interested in two minutes of my cat sleeping ?

Your private life may be of some interest, but try first to show your movie outside your relatives’ circle.
If these people react, feel free to send us your masterpiece. We do not guarantee its selection, but it will be considered.

Do I have to pay anything to submit my film ?

Submissions are absolutely free.

How about author’s rights for music ? What if I use a music I like for my soundtrack but I don’t know the author ?

There is no way for us to check if author’s rights (music, images, etc.) have been paid.
You can still submit your film to any festival, knowing that if the author’s rights haven’t been paid, its diffusion will subsequently turn out to be very limited.
The easiest way to purchase music rights is to ask directly the beneficiary (author, singer, producer, etc.)
You can also check JewelBeat Background Music website, or any other website of this kind, to find a great deal of royalty free musics. Or have a look at the catalog of Kaptain Music, partner of the Défi 48h Très Court Environnement, because their access conditions are interesting for those who don't have much money. Or finally ask a musician friend to make an original music, which is also a good alternative.

What is the deadline to send my movie?

February 19th, 2024. Postmark deadline.