Our thematic selections

The Très Courts are divided into different selections lasting about an hour, except for the International Competition which lasts two hours (with an intermission). They are put end to end, with a very short sequence that allows to go from one universe to another smoothly to compose a film in its own right, with a narrative of its own.

Of our seven selections, three are in competition with prizes awarded by juries composed of film personalities.

The International Competition is a kaleidoscope of the latest trends in world cinema for films under four minutes. 40 very short films compete for a place in the prize list awarded by the Jury, but also by a demanding audience.

In 2022, out of the 40 films in competition, 13 countries were represented: Germany, Canada, Spain, State of Palestine, United States, Russian Federation, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Islamic Republic of Iran, United Kingdom, Czech Republic.

The Women's Words Competition highlights films made by women, for women. Whether they are in front of or behind the camera, they are the ones who make these films, offering a unique perspective on the world. To know everything about this essential program, go to the dedicated section.

The Défi 48h Très Court Environnement gathers the 20 best films made in less than two days by teams that are a little bit crazy, we must admit, and above all, really talented to succeed in reaching the top of this list of prizes that honors ecology. To know everything about our citizen challenge, go to the dedicated section.

The French Selection, essentially made up of French-speaking filmmakers, presents the best of the French touch, without any chauvinism.

The Family Selection is intended for young and old children. In 50 minutes, the films open doors to magical, luminous and sensitive worlds. Most of the films are without words (or with very little dialogue) so that the language barrier does not hinder the wonderment.

The Documentary Selection, created in 2021, opens a window on the world through portraits of incredible men or women, subjects of more or less burning news, universal or singular themes. In about twenty films, the best of humanity comes out.  

Laugh (before the end of the world) Selection is the great novelty of 2022. Composed of 20 comic or tragic-comic films, this program offers a one-hour slice of fun, because it is good to laugh, and especially to laugh together in the same room.