Long story (very) short

It's all very well announcing the opening of the Très Court's 25th edition, but in fact, where does the festival come from?

What are its origins? Who created it? How did the creators manage to set up this project? Actually, some members of the team didn't know anything about our beginnings... that's why we investigated this festival whose story starts with a huge rake.


It all began in 1998 when Marc and Pascal discover very short films at the Tourné Monté Super 8 festival. The principle is simple: participants shoot scenes of their film in order of editing during 3 minutes with a Super 8 camera. Filmmakers and public discover films all together during a festive evening. Charmed, the two friends propose the festival to join them to enter in the digital era. They take a big knock-back but they are not discouraged at all. No matter, they will do it themselves.

The association Tout en Très Court was born one year later with the idea of organizing an annual party of screenings and awards ceremonies. The two founders scoured Internet and all VHS tapes in search of the best films under 4 minutes. By word of mouth, filmmakers and production companies sent their Très Courts to participate at the event. After collecting about 50 films, the festivities begin.

The festival inaugurates its first edition on October 21, 2000 at the Forum des Images in Paris. The room is packed with spectators who applaud between each film. With all the excitement of the audience, everyone has a good time.This evening marks the beginning of the Très Court adventure which, each year, offers an extraordinary collective experience and the discovery of a little known cinematographic style in 14 different countries.

The Très Court is a format that allows you to go far. For the audience, watching a very short film means going beyond your usual passivity, it means being active, laughing, crying, discovering, getting a slap in the face, understanding, loving and feeling a whole bunch of emotions that make you feel alive. For filmmakers, making a film under four minutes means opting for spontaneity, concision and efficiency.

Marc and Pascal have resumed their main professional activity, writing and illustrating comics for one, computer science for the other. They left the helm to our new captain, Anne-Sophie, who is happy to lead the Très Court alongside Paul, Célia, Sarah and Julie. The history of the Très Court continues to be written in the present with the 25th edition planned for June 2 to 11, 2023 throughout the world.

Want to participate to the festival? You have until February 19, 2023 to send us your movie of less than 4 minuntes. So don't wait any longer and embark with us for the adventure of the Très Court.