Women's Words Jury 2024

Women's Words Competition

Iris Brey, president of the Women's Words jury of the Très Court International Film Festival 26th edition

Photo : Marie Rouge, Séries Mania

Iris Brey

Director, journalist and author, Jury President 

The Very Short bio Iris Brey theorizes the female gaze in her landmark book Le regard féminin (The Female Gaze) (Éditions de l'Olivier, 2020), which won the Prix Causette for feminist essays. Her first fiction series Split, which follows the trajectory of a stuntwoman who falls in love with the movie star she understudies, was presented in French competition at Séries Mania. The series will be broadcast on France Télévisions-Slash in September. Iris Brey co-edited the book La Culture de l'Inceste (Incest Culture) (Seuil, 2023) with Juliet Drouar, and her first book Sex and the Series is now in its third edition (Le Point, 2023). She also contributes to the magazines Les Inrockuptibles and Médiapart.

Iris Brey received her doctorate from New York University (NYU), her thesis focused on the representation of monstrous mothers in contemporary French cinema. She taught European cinema at NYU's Paris campus. She is currently working on a feature film project and is honored to preside over the Jury of the Paroles de Femmes Competition!

Paloma García Martens, member of the Women's Words jury of the Très Court International Film Festival 26th edition
Photo : Aurélie Lamachère, Champs Élysées Film Festival 2023

Paloma García Martens

Intimacy coordinator

La Très Courte bio Paloma Garcia Martens began her career as a film dresser, then trained in acting, followed by sex and gender education. Inspired by the Normal People TV show, they began several intimacy coordination training courses in 2021.

Based in Brussels, they works in film, television and the performing arts, with a particular interest in documentaries. They was lucky enough to collaborate with Iris Brey on the queer series Split, as well as on Edith Chapin's documentary, which followed the filming process of Split under the title Sex is Comedy. They also contributed to season 2 of Marie Antoinette for Canal +, as well as to Cédric Klapisch's latest film, currently in production.

Camille&Justine, members of the Women's Words jury of the Très Court International Film Festival 26th edition
Photo : Léa Rouaud


Comedians, directors, contents creators and humorists

The Very Short bio Camille Giry and Justine Lossa, better known as Camille&Justine, are two comedians who met at Cours Florent. Since 2017, they've been creating content together on social networks. Through their sharp, cynical humor, they bring a committed eye to current events and the world around them.

They have also written and acted in a series of fictional videos: Gow, short films that tackle feminist issues by borrowing codes from different film genres. In 2024, they directed their first short film: Bâtardes Glorieuses, a dark comedy about women's revenge. In addition to their collaboration, they each have personal artistic projects: Justine has written a series available on her Youtube channel: Baltringue, and Camille has been on stage in her one-woman show "Moyenne" since 2022.

Clémence Macardier, member of the Women's Words jury of the Très Court International Film Festival 26th edition

Clémence Macardier

Producer, scriptwriter and director

The Very Short bio After obtaining a master's degree in cinema and directing a number of institutional films, Clémence Marcadier co-founded the production company GASP! with Olivier Chabalier. She is the author of five short films, exploring a wide range of genres and styles, from comedy to historical or social drama. She also produces other authors, including some fifteen short films broadcast on TV and awarded at festivals, such as Nicolas Cambier's Autoquartz, Sarah Malléon and Pierre Le Gall's Doubout and Thibault Chollet's animated films.

In 2019, she took part in the Émergence - la Fabrique de séries training program, then in 2023, she joined the Atelier Scénario de la Fémis, where she worked on the development of her first feature film project while continuing her production activities.

Gaëlle Lahoreau, member of the Women's Words jury of the Très Court International Film Festival 26th edition

Gaëlle Lahoreau

Vice-President of the Centre-Val de Loire Region and scientific editor

The Very Short bio Scientific editor, Gaëlle Lahoreau is vice-president of the Centre-Val de Loire Region in charge of permanent democracy and citizenship. Following a degree in agricultural engineering, she wrote a thesis on the survival of trees in an African savannah and obtained a doctorate in ecology.

She then turned to journalism and science popularization. She started out with a fantastic experience as a journalist on the TV show C'est Pas Sorcier, then moved into web editing for research organizations such as CNRS, INSERM and CNES (the French space agency). She completes her exciting and diverse career with her first, and only, political mandate in June 2021.