Le Très Court in very short

Do you see what a feature film is? Basically, it's a film that lasts between 1h30 and 3h.

Do you know what a short film is? Well, it's a film that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes (officially, these are films that don't exceed 59 minutes).

You don't see what a Très Court is? Well, it's quite simple: it's a film that lasts less than four minutes. A real cinema film. And believe us: when filmmakers are able to tell a story in such a short time, to take us to incredible worlds with an economy of words and images, to move us in two seconds, it's because they are overflowing with talent.
Here, at the Très Court festival, we are interested in all films of less than four minutes from all over the world. All genres are represented: fiction, animation, drama, comedy, documentary and even gore or horror films (even if it's not the majority). We receive about 2,000 submissions each year and, with our great pre-selection team, we choose the best of the best, about 140 films selected for the emotion, the finesse, the accuracy and the power they give off. In other words, only 7% of the films received make it to the festival's screens.

How and where to see the Très Courts?


The films are gathered in selections that are shown on the big screen, in cinemas or in the open air, during the Très Court International Film Festival that takes place at the beginning of June on the 5 continents.

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You can also see them throughout the year in one of the 120 cinemas that are members of the Instant Très Court. They program a new film every week, in advance of the screening, sometimes in connection with the seasons - Christmas, Valentine's Day - or with causes that are dear to us - women's rights, the defense of the environment - or completely disconnected from current events, because we also take it very well to take side steps!

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