Organize the Festival at home

When it was born, in the 20th century, in 1999 to be exact, the festival was held in one and only prestigious place: the Forum des images in Paris.

The more the editions passed, the more the Très Court made envy. And why couldn't we show it here, too? Several cities in France asked us, and then, very quickly, in other countries. So we said yes.

The result: the festival is now present in about fifty places on five continents.

There are several reasons for the success of this expansion:

  • We offer you a turnkey cultural event by providing the selections ready to be screened, in video or DCP format for theaters, but also all the communication tools, the programs, the press kit, the festival trailer, the voting ballots for the Audience Award because and, this is reason number 2:

  • Not only are you offering your audience the opportunity to participate in an event without borders, to discover the best of the world's production of films under four minutes but also to vote for their favorite films. In other words, after a two-hour screening (with an intermission), you will have the pleasure of seeing the spectators, pencil in hand, questioning each other, and then slipping their ballots into a box. And that's magic.

  • Finally, the price of the right to broadcast the International Competition for ten days is really tiny. The goal is to allow you to create the event without breaking the bank.

Would you like to know more about it?

Feel free to contact our team by filling out the form below or by phone at +33 7 67 46 51 77.