26th edition: welcome to Absurdia!

Every year, we receive nearly 2,000 films from all over the world. And every year, a new theme emerges.

In 2021, after containment, the watchword seemed to be: the end of the world. Filmmakers have also taken on issues of climate emergency, sounding the alarm with their talent. Last year, in 2023, war was massively represented.

For this new 2024 vintage, go figure, we received an incredible number of totally absurd films. Not that these works have no head or tail, no, on the contrary. It's as if the stories wanted to transcend our realities. It's as if these films were looking elsewhere for a new, zany, never-before-explored form of poetry and humor capable of restoring meaning to what we're living through.

"If an idea is not absurd a priori, it is hopeless", wrote Albert Einstein. And that's exactly what the hundred or so films selected for this 26th edition are all about: a form of hope, an escape, a bubble of fresh air that this Très Court format can, more than any other, transmit and share. A form of Release, to borrow the title of the film that opens the International Competition, because that's what we're looking for: to free ourselves.

The six selections:

International Competition: a world tour of fiction in all genres.
First part: 16 films / 57 minutes
Second part: 20 films / 1h02

Women's Words Competition: films by women, for women.
18 films / 58 minutes

Sélection Française: as the name suggests, films and productions from France and the French-speaking world.
22 films / 1h03

Sélection Familiale: for children over six, and of course their parents.
17 films / 51 minutes

Documentary selection: concentrated docs from around the world.
17 films / 57 minutes

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