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We are all disabled!

Physically or sentimentally, because of a mild irritation or a severe illness, someday we are all confronted with handicap.

Let's not be afraid and have a new look!

The "Travelling34" competition presents handicap on all screens!


Thierry Bermond, HECA Crédit Agricole,
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March 31st 2015
movies about handicap.


3 suggested topics

  • Handicap at work
    In the working world, handicap is often seen as a brake, but it can be an advantage too.
  • Advertisement
    No disabled people in adverts? Make a fake ad to prove us the contrary!
  • Let's talk about love
    Love stories beyond obstacles? Tell us yours

I'm in !


Awards and prizes

  • AG2R La Mondiale Award : 2 000 €
  • HECA Crédit Agricole Award : 1 500 €
  • ERDF Award : 1 500 €


With the support of

AG2R La Mondiale HECA Crédit Agricole ERDF
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