Call for films: to your Très Courts!

Directors, if you think a good story can be told in less than four minutes, including title and credits, now's the time to submit it!


Indeed, the call for films for the next Très Court International Film Festival is open. To register, simply fill out this form. Registration is free, and you can submit as many films as you wish.

The registrations close on February 14th, which gives you some time to make your very short movies if they are still at the project stage. Please go for it, and give yourself a chance to be selected in our selections in competition - International, Paroles de femmes - or out of competition - French, Famille and They Dared “Trash and Glam”. And maybe even win one of our prizes.

The films will be previewed by some thirty film enthusiasts who all have in common to love the Très court, a sensational format that allows you to go from laughter to tears every 4 minutes. It is also the format of a generation, of a time when everything goes fast, when changes - climatic, social, technological - are central to reflection and questioning. Finally, it is a format of emergence, where young talents practice, discover and launch themselves. It's an opportunity for you, directors, to be showcased on the big screen to viewers and professionals from around the world. Because the Très Court International Film Festival travels to the five continents! From Hong Kong to Canada, from Chile to Paris, from Romania to Spain, the festival takes place in June in a ten or so cities in France, 70 cities around the world, making a total of 20 countries represented. Next year, it will take place from June 4 to 13, 2021.