International competition: there's joy!

It's a joy!

Very often, when we present the Très Court to those who are not familiar with this format, the reactions are more or less always the same: "a film of less than four minutes? It's a kind of video clip, or a commercial? Well, no. It's a real film, with a script, actors, production, sound design, cinematography, and a director at work of course. But, beyond the technique, it is above all a condensed version of the 7th art in its most concise, most amazing and most creative form.

And for 25 years now, the Très Court has been honouring these films that never cease to surprise and move us. This year, the trend is towards joy and hope. Once again, this 2023 vintage offers a multitude of views from all over the world, sharp looks at what we are going through, from the climate crisis to the feminist revolution, and the selected films give off an urgency to fraternity and sisterhood, a need for love too, a need to say it, to film it, and to share it with you. Let's make the most of it!

The International Competition will take to the skies from 2 to 11 June 2023 in ten cities in France and some forty abroad. From Montreal to Venice, from China to Romania, from the Seychelles to New Caledonia, expect to vibrate to the rhythm of the Très Courts which, this year more than ever, will reveal the talent and relevance of a whole generation of filmmakers. To find out more about the festival's venues, take a look at our world map.

Discover all the members of the Jury, chaired this year by director Fabrice Maruca and accompanied by producer Marianne Chazelas, CICLIC's emergence and short film coordinator Jérôme Parlange, producer Colette Quesson, writer-director Quentin Delcourt, composer Delphine Malausséna, director and scriptwriter Nixon Singa and editor Céline Cloarec

Attend the Awards Ceremony on Saturday 10 June at the Cinémas Studio in Tours (France) after the screening of the International Competition at 5.30 pm, and meet all the members of the Jury and the directors. Tickets are on sale at the reception of the Cinémas Studio, but also online!