Nine films to celebrate the New Year

Quietly, in backstage, we had programmed a series of screenings of the best 2020's Very Shorts around the world, from Chambray-lès-Tours to Panama, from Bastia to Romania, from Canada to Greece, from El Salvador to Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, simply because we wanted to be together in front of a big screen and in front of films that warm the heart. 

And then, it was all cancelled.

Everything? No. The strength, the power, the rightness of the Très Courts are far from being cancelled. More than ever, we are going to need parties, joy, cinema, emotions. More than ever, we need to support those who denounce the failings of this troubled world, those who invent other stories and build imaginary worlds that are alternatives. More than ever, we are going to strengthen our engagement on two subjects that are very important to us: Women's Rights and the climate emergency.

More than ever, we are going to share.

And it starts now with a Very Short programme to be seen on our YouTube and our Facebook:

  • Decembre 18: The Gallery Experience
    A little girl has a magical experience when visiting a gallery with her father for the first time. An animation from the United States by Jinghan Tian that echoes the current closing of museums.
  • Decembre 20: Strength
    This film highlights the feminine strength seen through the eyes of a weightlifter. It is made by two English women, Agathe Barbier and Hedvig Ahlberg.
  • Decembre 22: Collapsolove
    Anton becomes an ecologist to seduce a collapsologist. Will he succeed? A French film by Vincent Buschi and Camille Chaudron created for the Défi 48h - Environnement.
  • Decembre 24: Tu vas faire quoi ? (What are you gonna do?)
    Gédéon loves his family, he loves to cook, the meal should go very well and yet ... A French film by Lucie Benhamou and Arthur Fenwick. Merry Christmas to all of you!
  • Decembre 26: Trauma
    A young woman is sexually abused in the metro. She stays upset, and a strange creature is watching her. A French film by Vladimir Roszak.
  • Decembre 28: The Turning point
    This English film, directed by Steve Cutts, explores ecological destruction, climate change and species extinction from a different angle.  
  • Decembre 30: Rien à sauver (Nothing to save)
    A survivalist’s car breaks down. Bad luck, someone will have to help him. A film directed by the Frenchmen Julien Aveque and Victor Hérault and created for the 48h Challenge - Environment.
  • January 1st, 2021: Métanoïa
    A Beninese philosopher talks about violence and love. A film from Benin by Luc Godonou Dossou. Happy New Year to all of you!
  • January 3rd, 2021 : PERIOD.
    Let's talk about menstruation. A Danish film directed by Émilie Thalund and produced by Brigitte Rask.  

Nine films to celebrate the end of this year and salute the arrival of the next one, which we wish you as sweet as it is challenging.