Every year, the Très Court faithful ask us what the theme of the festival is, and every year we answer the same thing: there is no predefined theme, we "only" select the best of the film production of less than four minutes from all over the world. However, this year is a bit different. We received many films that deal with the end of the world, with humour or gravity, with the strength to denounce the end of the reign and a planet that is going to hell, let's face it.

So there is obviously a colour to this 24th edition, and it could be red. Blood red, angry red, fire red, but also red with the hope of seeing new, powerful, concise stories, questioning our human and non-human condition, and reminding us in the end that the Très Court is also about that: telling in a few images the fragility and strength that are ours, with a concern for economy so as not to add noise to the noise, with the sole intention of moving the red lines, so as never to have to cross them.

More than ever we need cinema, this cinema.  So welcome to this 24th edition of the Très Court!