The 25th edition is open!

"Happy birthday Très Court, happy birthday Très Court..."

Yes! In 2023, the festival will celebrate its 25th edition. Of course, it doesn't make us younger, especially when we realize that the Très Court was born in the 20th century, in 1999 exactly, before some members of the team were even born. That said, 25 years old is the ideal age to move forward in life, full of sap and desire. And we are very lucky to be sharing this crazy adventure with you.

Who could have predicted such a beautiful and long life to an event created in the last century, at the time of VHS tapes and the beginnings of the Internet? Certainly not the two founders of Le Très Court, Marc and Pascal. At the beginning, the two friends just wanted to share this incredible format of films of less than three minutes and to promote a little known cinematographic style. So they surveyed all the production available to them and imagined a festival whose first edition took place at the Forum des images. The event was an instant hit and was so successful that it was organized twice in the same year, and two years in a row. This crazy bet between friends ends up being exported in 4 cities, then 10 and up to 100 cities all around the world.

Today, the Très Court has expanded with its Défi 48h Très Court Environnement and its Instant Très Court. So yes, like everyone else, we have suffered from the health crisis, the network of cities has tightened slightly, but the works are still as striking, and, better still, essential - in the sense of "getting to the essence". In this world where everything goes faster and faster, a world that sometimes seems to be going crazy, these Très Courts take a sensitive and deep look and, in very few words and images, they take us into stories that resonate with us for a very long time. They have this incredible strength to appeal to our intelligence and our imaginations, which is, let's agree, precious at this time.

To illustrate their strength, and our state of mind at the beginning of the season, we have created a visual that brings together what we hold dear. We find the importance of nature, cinema and human beings. The ladybug is invited on the poster like a lucky charm. Small and yet so present, it is essential and symbolizes a whole ecosystem to protect. The very small things have their importance, the very short films too.

It is thus full of enthusiasm that we start this new year, with the desire, more than ever, to share it with you. As they say in the planes we won't take anymore, the whole Très Court team welcomes you on board of this 25th edition, and you can count on its crew, Paul, Julie, Célia, Sarah and Anne-Sophie, to offer you an amazing trip.