Tilt-Shift: Real object miniaturized

You've probably noticed the poster of the 16th edition of the Très Court International Film Festival created by Slim Dicks and Olivier Pagès in which New York seems to have been reproduced using small toys like Lego. This is actually a real photo retouched to give the impression of smallness. This process is called the Tilt-Shift.

Behind this sophisticated word lies one of the most trendy effects in recent months, used both in the photograph and the video. The Tilt-Shift effect consists in keeping clear the subject but blur the rest of the image. Our mind interprets the scene as tiny and taken closely even if often the moment was captured tens or hundreds meters away.

This process has been democratized in the digital age with software created to simulate fuzzy such as Photoshop. Each user can let his imagination go wherever it wants! Today, with the popularity of this "false lego-like", even cameras are beginning to offer methods or applications of automated Tilt-Shift. The website TiltShift Maker also allows users to create this effect for only $ 5.

In few months, the Tilt-shift invaded the web. Well-known Director David Fincher did not hesitate to use this effect in one of the sequence of his Social Network’s movie.

Hundreds of photographs illustrating this process available here:

Tilt shift images google