Short for equality

"LA FEMME DE MES RÊVES" ("The woman of my dreams")

by Laura Capit and Juliette de Bisschop

won the Grand Prix of the first edition of "Ton court pour l'égalité" competition ("Your short for equality")
Other winning films are available on UNO Femmes France Commitee website.

2016 Poster

Our thanks go to Marianne Ciaudo who made the wonderful photograph that you'll see on the poster of the 2016 edition of the festival.

To see more of her work and her universe, have a look at her fascinating blog : "l'étan de Kaeru"


Global Warming

For this special edition, films submitted to the Mobile Film Festival must deal with the global topic « Act on climate change », in partnership with United Nations.

Always the same rules : 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

Submissions are now open till September 28th 2015
on Mobile Film Festival

A total of 100 films will be selected in competition.

The festival will grant 30.000 € to the Grand Prix.
This grant will be dedicated to the production of a film within a year.

17th edition Awards

It's raining awards,
and all the details of the votes from every city
for the Public Award.

International Competition

Grand Prix

Marche arrière

Marche arrière
Ayce Kartal (Turkey/France)
➔ watch the movie

Originality Award

Marcel the shell, three

Marcel the Shell, three
Dean Fleischer-Camp (United States)
➔ watch the movie

Animation Award

A Single Life

A Single Life
Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands)
➔ watch an extract

Special mentions

This is it

This is it
Alexander Engel (United States)
(rights reserved Canal+)

Black Bloc,
a story of violence and love

Black Block
Noé Vitoux (France)
➔ watch the movie

Canal+ Award

This is it

This is it
Alexander Engel (United States)
(rights reserved Canal+)

Public Choice

A Single Life

A Single Life
Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands)
➔ watch an extract

Women's words competition

Women's Right Award

Punishment Island

Punishment Island
Carlos Caro Martin (Spain)
➔ watch the movie

Travelling34 Competition

HECA Crédit Agricole Award

A little difference, great opportunities

A little difference, great opportunities
Francisco Neves (Portugal)

ERDF Award

Los colores de las flores

Los colores de las flores
Miguel Santesmases (Spain)

Food Right Now

Video Contest Food Right Now 2nd edition

Submit your films to fight hunger!

ACTED organize the second edition of a short film festival as part of an european campaign: Food Right Now. It aims at raising awareness and mobilize young people from 15 to 30, to tackle food security and hunger issues.

The film has to deal with the fight against hunger (food wastage, poverty, access to water etc.). For the rest, you're as free as a very short movie, with only a constraint of duration: less than 5 minutes!

Discover the competing films online and submit your movies before April 20th.


Call for entries Travelling34

Exceptional extra-time for submissions

only for Travelling34 Competition


We are all disabled!

Physically or sentimentally, because of a mild irritation or a severe illness, someday we are all confronted with handicap.

Let's not be afraid and have a new look!

The "Travelling34" competition presents handicap on all screens!


Thierry Bermond, HECA Crédit Agricole,
speak about Travelling34


Register before 
March 31st 2015
movies about handicap.


3 suggested topics

  • Handicap at work
    In the working world, handicap is often seen as a brake, but it can be an advantage too.
  • Advertisement
    No disabled people in adverts? Make a fake ad to prove us the contrary!
  • Let's talk about love
    Love stories beyond obstacles? Tell us yours

I'm in !


Awards and prizes

  • AG2R La Mondiale Award : 2 000 €
  • HECA Crédit Agricole Award : 1 500 €
  • ERDF Award : 1 500 €


With the support of

AG2R La Mondiale HECA Crédit Agricole ERDF
  Différent comme tout le monde  

Welcome to the micro-planet of the Très Courts!

You might have noticed our new homepage: the seventeenth poster of the Très Court International Film Festival has been released! Made by Slim, it uses panoramic shots techniques in order to turn a scenery into a micro-planet: the planet of the Très Courts! Let's get the opportunity to remind you some important dates: you can send your very shorts ((less than three-minutes!) films until February 15th, and the festival will take place from 5th to 14th of June 2015!

The One Dollar Project

One Dollar is a participatory web documentary taking root in Cambodia by the Bophana Center, founded by award-winning filmmaker Rithy Panh. It is now an international project dedicated to individuals living below the poverty line in the world. One Dollar gives voice to the ones who often suffer from a lack of "speaking space". A young generation passionate about new media and audiovisual creation thus proves that you can move from impersonal numbers to personal stories, through "very short" video portraits. To know more about it, see films or submit your video portrait, please follow the link until December 31, 2014.