Next 2021 Edition: Aiming for the horizon

We're not going to lie to ourselves: preparing the next edition of the Très Court International Film Festival under these conditions requires a big dose of enthusiasm.


A great deal of energy.

To adapt, to relax. Do not give in to gloom.

To do this, we have found a way out: we have taken refuge in past editions. In other words, 22 years full of cinematographic works of less than four minutes that have moved, made laugh, touched, questioned and sometimes disturbed audiences from all over the world. Every day, within the team, we have fun sending each other our favorite films or those that we had forgotten and rediscovered sometimes with emotion. Seriously, it's a great feeling. It makes us want to go out in search of new nuggets and offer them to you from June 4 to 13 through our five selections: International, Women's Words, French, Family, They Dared.

No question of giving up. We believe in it.

The choice of our visual for the 23rd edition is proof of this. The photo, signed Ellen Kooi, perfectly expresses our state of mind: continue to look into the distance, carried by something bigger than oneself, and if the horizon is not immediately perceptible, it is there.