Women's Words Competition: there's hope!

Chloé Ponce-Voiron, President of the Jury of the Women's Words Competition, is a director and co-founder of the Women's Foundation. She has a dream, or rather a hope, which she shares with us here:

"If I have the hope that one day there will be no need to create categories specifically dedicated to women's rights, this Competition, which I am lucky enough to chair, is still necessary. But joyful!

Necessary because too few films still address these issues, and without stereotypes. And joyful because it is the reflection of a new sorority that makes women showcase women. It is not so much a competition as a spotlight on projects that may remain in the shadows, wrongly so, because they are victims of a society that still has bad reflexes.

The 8 members of the jury will have the privilege of debating 20 films, without having to ask us if they pass the famous Bechdel test, if women are sufficiently represented and without clichés and if the artistic and technical team is sufficiently female. We will only have to worry about cinematic qualities.

And one day, no doubt, the specific competitions will no longer be necessary, so I will be moved to tell how, in my time, we have contributed to making cinema intrinsically feminist and inclusive. One day...

In the meantime, let's meet in the cinema to experience a beautiful moment of cinema, quite simply.

Oh yes! Especially since Chloé Ponce-Voiron is accompanied by a fabulous Jury : journalist and author Laura Raim, producer Hélène Mijavile, author Reine Prat, Deputy Mayor of Tours Élise Pereira-Nunes, director Victoria Neto and author Valérie Rey-Robert.

This Women's Words Competition travels all over the world through our network of international cities: in France in Agde, Paimpol and Pays de Morlaix, but also in Mont-Dore and Fort-de-France, in Djibouti and Montreal, and finally in all our cities in Romania (Arad, Baia Mare, Bucuresti, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Oradea, Pitesti, Rasnov, Sighetul Marmatei and Timisoara).

The Award Ceremony will take place on Friday 9 June at 7.30 pm, at the Cinémas Studio in Tours (France), after the competition screening, in the presence of the jurors and the directors! Tickets are on sale online and at the reception of the Cinémas Studio.