President Nicolas Boukhrief

Nicolas Boukhrief? Emmanuelle Jacobson-Roques
Radar Films / Pretty Pictures

Cofounder of Starfix magazine, producer and director Nicolas Boukhrief is a cinema enthusiast.
He has been working with Mathieu Kassovitz, Christophe Gans, Gaspar Noé, and he directs his own films.
Le Plaisir (et ses petits tracas) came out in 1997, then Cash Truck in 2003, starring Jean Dujardin and Albert Dupontel.
Always at ease with dark crime films, he directed Cortex in 2008 and Gardiens de l'ordre in 2009.
In 2015, his film Made in France dealing with young outcasts' radicalization, was shot just before the attacks in Paris and caused a sensation by anticipating the facts.
His latest film, La confession, came out in March 2017 starring Marine Vacth et Romain Duris.

As the president of the jury of this 19th edition, there is no doubt that Nicolas Boukhrief will take a wise look at the new generations of directors.

Meet the members of the International Competition jury.

Selected films 2017

selected films


Selections ended!

It was not easy for our selection team to chose among 3000 films!
Choices have been hard, debates were lively.
Here is the list of all selected shorts for the 19th edition.

Congratulations to the shortlisted directors, and thanks to all of us who participated!

Poster of the 19th edition (2017)

Juliette Chenais de Busscher

The picture of this 19th edition of the Festival was made by Juliette Chenais de Busscher, a French artist with many talents and a proven gift of ubiquity. 

This photographer, actress and filmmaker knows the Festival well as she directed I am a lesbian, in Women's Words competition in 2016.

Go and discover the many aspects of her multicoloured world on her website.


Short for equality

"LA FEMME DE MES RÊVES" ("The woman of my dreams")

by Laura Capit and Juliette de Bisschop

won the Grand Prix of the first edition of "Ton court pour l'égalité" competition ("Your short for equality")
Other winning films are available on UNO Femmes France Commitee website.

2016 Poster

Our thanks go to Marianne Ciaudo who made the wonderful photograph that you'll see on the poster of the 2016 edition of the festival.

To see more of her work and her universe, have a look at her fascinating blog : "l'étan de Kaeru"