Call for films: to your Très Courts!

Directors, if you think a good story can be told in less than four minutes, including title and credits, now's the time to submit it!


Indeed, the call for films for the next Très Court International Film Festival is open. To register, simply fill out this form. Registration is free, and you can submit as many films as you wish.

The registrations close on February 14th, which gives you some time to make your very short movies if they are still at the project stage. Please go for it, and give yourself a chance to be selected in our selections in competition - International, Paroles de femmes - or out of competition - French, Famille and They Dared “Trash and Glam”. And maybe even win one of our prizes.

The films will be previewed by some thirty film enthusiasts who all have in common to love the Très court, a sensational format that allows you to go from laughter to tears every 4 minutes. It is also the format of a generation, of a time when everything goes fast, when changes - climatic, social, technological - are central to reflection and questioning. Finally, it is a format of emergence, where young talents practice, discover and launch themselves. It's an opportunity for you, directors, to be showcased on the big screen to viewers and professionals from around the world. Because the Très Court International Film Festival travels to the five continents! From Hong Kong to Canada, from Chile to Paris, from Romania to Spain, the festival takes place in June in a ten or so cities in France, 70 cities around the world, making a total of 20 countries represented. Next year, it will take place from June 4 to 13, 2021.

Next 2021 Edition: Aiming for the horizon

We're not going to lie to ourselves: preparing the next edition of the Très Court International Film Festival under these conditions requires a big dose of enthusiasm.


A great deal of energy.

To adapt, to relax. Do not give in to gloom.

To do this, we have found a way out: we have taken refuge in past editions. In other words, 22 years full of cinematographic works of less than four minutes that have moved, made laugh, touched, questioned and sometimes disturbed audiences from all over the world. Every day, within the team, we have fun sending each other our favorite films or those that we had forgotten and rediscovered sometimes with emotion. Seriously, it's a great feeling. It makes us want to go out in search of new nuggets and offer them to you from June 4 to 13 through our five selections: International, Women's Words, French, Family, They Dared.

No question of giving up. We believe in it.

The choice of our visual for the 23rd edition is proof of this. The photo, signed Ellen Kooi, perfectly expresses our state of mind: continue to look into the distance, carried by something bigger than oneself, and if the horizon is not immediately perceptible, it is there.

Our lockdown contest

The contest results


During the lockdown period, the Très Court team decided to launch a short film contest to promote audiovisual creation in quarantine.
Among the hundred films we received, we selected our five favourites, which will be promoted on our website as well as on social media!

  Falling Down, directed by Swann and Yoann Chesnel. 

  Tic Tac Toc, directed by François Lacassagne and Marion Le Bec.

  Comme Avant, directed by Julien Christophe. 

  Perséverance, directed by Fabien Lemoine.

  Les petits mouchoirs du troisième type, directed by Florent Sabatier.


Prize-winning films 22nd edition

Prize winning films 2020

On Tuesday June 9 happened the awards e-ceremony. 
Prizes zere given by the members of the Jury, and filmmakers got to express their impressions live!

The Grand Prix goes to


by Josh Penn Soskin (United States)

The Originality Award goes to


by Paul Raillard (France)

The Animation Award goes to

Charlotte's Daydream

by Marlies Van der Wel (Netherlands)

A special mention is awared to


by Alexandre Brisa (France)

The Women's rights Award goes to


by Agathe Barbier et Hedvig Ahlberg (United Kindgom)

Watch some extracts

Online festival guide

How to get access to the Festival's selected films?



1. Go to the festival's map
You can then select the cultural organization closest to where you live. This organization will grant you access to the festival this year!

2. Get the access code.
If you already have one, you can skip this step.
If you do not have one yet, all the information necessary to get one will be indicated.

3. Enter the code.

4. And that's it!
You can now access the 22nd edition's selections.


Got a question? We may have already answered it in our online FAQ.
For any questions or problem when accessing the selections, contact us at

Live screening


Mark your calendars !


The Très Court International Film Festival is happy to share a live screening with you.
This screening starts at a set time, so don't be late! 


Tuesday June 9, 8pm (Paris time - GMT+02:00) :

International competition live screening
This screening will be followed by a live award ceremony with the Jury of the festival.

Enter the screening room 


For more information on the online festival, check out our dedicated pages:

- The online festival user guide ;
FAQ Festival Online.

For any questions or problem when accessing the selections, contact us at

FAQ online edition

The 22nd edition of the Très Court International Film Festival is maintained.


The 2020 edition of the Très Court will take place online, between 5 and 14 June.
The 124 films selected for the 22nd edition will be accessible completely free of charge on the festival site.

How do I access the films?
  • Visit the interactive map of the festival;
  • Select the city closest to you, the one that will offer you the festival this year;
  • Retrieve the access code;
    If you don't have it, don't panic, you'll be directed to find it...
  • Enter the code;
  • Watch the selections of your choice.
I am Italian, can I see the films subtitled in my mother tongue?

The films will be subtitled, as every year, in the 7 languages of the festival: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek and Arabic.
In order for subtitling to be available in your language, you will have to choose a city in your country on the interactive map.
This will automatically subtitle the film.

Will I have to pay to access the selections? 

This year, exceptionally, all the films can be seen by everyone free of charge.
In some cities, the cultural organization that offers you the access to the festival will be able to offer you a free and optional participation, called "au chapeau".
The sums collected will help to support the festival particularly impacted by the health crisis.

I want to watch the They dared "Trash & Glam" selection, but it is not offered in my city. How can I do it?
Selections are not available everywhere.
If your favorite selection is not available in your city's program, find out which other city will offer it (for example Hong Kong).
I'm a director, my film is selected, will I be able to attend an awards ceremony?

The films in the International Competition will be broadcast on the internet during a live session on Tuesday 9 June at 8 pm.
This screening will start on time, and if you arrive late, you won't be able to see the beginning of the screening again, like when you go to the cinema!
This e-projection will be followed by a live e-Awards Ceremony.
Jury members will be present in video from their homes, and they will be the ones to reveal the winners.
The directors of the films are invited to be connected, and the winners will be called during the ceremony to receive their prize and exchange with the jury.
There will be no live sessions or e-ceremony for the other selections (Women's Words, French, Family, They Dared).

I am a regular spectator of the Très Court, I go to the awards ceremony every year, is there a similar session this year?
The e-projection followed by the live e-Ceremony on Tuesday 9 June at 8 pm is open to all.
It will be a great rendez-vous for the directors, the jury, the partners, the festival team and the whole audience.

Do you have further questions about the online festival?
Send a message to

Jan Kounen, President of the 2020 Jury!

The veil on the composition of the 22nd Jury of the Très Court has been lifted!


As every year, 8 personalities from the cinema industry and the specialised press are invited to analyse the films of the International Competition.
Their missions are to watch, analyse and above all debate on the future winners of the Très Court.

This year, the Jury will be chaired by the French director, producer and screenwriter Jan Kounen.

Jan Kounen is a filmmaker with many hats. 
After his debut in short films, he quickly took his place in the film landscape.
He collaborates with prestigious actors: Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Jean Dujardin, Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilles Lellouche...
His latest projects revolve around virtual reality.

To know everything about Jan Kounen, and the 7 members of the Jury who will accompany him during this 22nd edition, we invite you to visit our dedicated page.

Discover the full jury


The 22nd edition's selection

Yet another good selection for 2020, and more importantly a very difficult decision for the programming team here at the Très Court International Film Festival.

After watching the 3000 films that were submitted this year, the time has come to announce our selection.

Unexpected scenarios, feminist issues, gilets jaune, magical universes and scary movies...

Discover the 124 films selected for the 22nd edition of the Très Court now.

Find the selected films here

Premiere: "I came all this way"

The Très Court team is doing everything to make sure the Festival goes smoothly, and filmmakers are as passionate as ever! Check out "I came all this way", one of the many very short films that will be screened at the 22nd edition of the Très Court! 

This film was directed by Antoine May, filmmaker and videograper on Youtube. Discover his channel Petites chroniques de décadence quotidienne now! 

In "I came all this way", discover a young ice skater's reaction when all public gatherings are cancelled.

To watch other short films, check out the Festival's youtube channel